The Taste card

Being an innovative local, a sui generis restaurant was not enough for us: we wanted to stand out further, let us appreciate and remember from all those who will give us their trust and find us.

That’s why in the “paper of Taste(downloadable in pdf-200KB), you find everything you can taste to “Qualità è Amore – Carni&Food”.

Our chef offers the best dishes that are accompanied by the offer of grilled meat, with delicious novelty to be enjoyed.

As always recalls Giuseppe “Peppe” Cingolani, the quality must be savoured and so that the best way is to come to visit us and let you advise by our staff.

An excellent wine and a sublime dessert will accompany and complement your meal.

Qualità è Amore – Carni&Food
there’s meat… and meat.

The “paper of taste” (pdf – 200kb)