Carni & Food

Quality is love is much more than an idea of restaurant and a butchery. It is the home of taste and quality, passion for meat and good food. Born from the experience of the Centro Carni Villa Musone and his wisdom in choosing and proposing the best meats. Giuseppe Cingolani personally takes care of choosing the best clothes, bred on the ground, going to the farm, talking to the breeders, taking care of every detail. From the stable to the bench and then to the plate, the chain is guaranteed by the passion and the wisdom of those who work with quality and love because where there is quality there is love and where there is love there is quality.

The quality of the meat

The meats treated and marketed in the butcher’s quality is Love are selected and then slaughtered in our land, the Marche: Land of great peasant traditions, passion for work, small family-run farms in which the leaders are Nourished with wheat, sorghum, fava, produced by the peasants themselves. A genuine diet allows animals to arrive at the age of slaughter and direct sales offering the most in the aspect of quality and taste. Every product purchased in our store always bears the origin, the production lot, the packing day and the expiration date with an accurate description of the individual casing. Our flesh smells of quality, a perfume so unique and original that only the nature of our land can give.